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The Carob Mill Museum


The building of Lanitis Carob Mill complex it was originally built in the late 1800’s. By the beginning of last century it was used by the trading company N.P Lanitis as a warehouse and later on converted into a carob mill in the late of 1920’s until 1960.The traditional milling equipment is situated in the central bay of the building which has been restored in 2000 by the owning company – N.P. Lanitis Ltd - as a carob mill museum.

The importance of carob trading for the Cyprus economy has been undoubtedly at its peak until the early 1960’s. Until the end of the colonial era and before the advent of modern agriculture with large scale of irrigated crops like potatoes and citrus, carobs were among the island’s main agricultural exported products and a substantial source of foreign income. This is the reason that the popular name of “black gold” of Cyprus came about.

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